No. 6 – EP9: the world can go to hell

Two more episodes, and it’ll be the end of this anime series as we know it… Episode 9 does nothing but remind you that this series is strongly, so strongly, about a dystopian society, about how the filth of humanity easily stains what we try to keep pure, how it is not perfect while it attempts to conceal all and – sorry, I think I learnt from Nezumi how to rant a little.

Also, apologies for being really late, my 3D model assignment is giving me more hell. Not to mention I started school again. (Remind me why I picked Wild Tiger to do as an amateur. taibani breaks sanity much) Temporarily, until I can find enough free time in-between work/school/home, this post will be without screencaps, with the exception of some small pictures.

Episode 9 is however, possibly offensive to some, and brutal as well, so a warning: scenes of sexual assault and massacres aka lots of dead bodies, blood, etc. are viewable. So if you’re sensitive, you’re welcome to skip the review post for this episode. (I may post a more kid-friendly version once I’m able to juggle what’s left of my life after university starts.) Continue reading