No. 6 – EP8: going back in time to save nine

We’re drawing close to the finish line and the exciting part’s just about to begin – though not yet exactly! Slight backstory episode and sloooowlllyyyyyy getting to the end of everything NO.6 as we know it.

Last episode ended off with Nezumi bringing Shion to somewhere, though we only find out where this place is here – a ravine, one in which Nezumi was visiting a few episodes back on a rainy day. It seems that after the whole conversation and bickering and exchanges in the previous episode, Nezumi’s…returning to someplace. Which is this place. Shion slips a little but grabs hold on time, after some teasing from Nezumi about being his equal.Shion and Nezumi are climbing down to the bottom of a ravine/pit, which contains what looks like bubbling hot steaming greenish water/liquid. Shion asks where they are, but Nezumi doesn’t reply and only tells Shion to let themselves be captured – he knows that there are people above them, ready to pounce. And sure enough…they get caught and dragged to somewhere inside the ravine.

Upon entering what seems like the core/heart of the ravine, where the water source is (an underground lake), the duo are in the center of a caverns, with many smaller caves along the walls. Each of these caves have people, all looking out at their unwelcome guests. The first thing that the guy who seems to be the head honcho of the place says though isn’t to kill the duo or do anything to threaten them directly, but instead asks why Nezumi has returned.

Shion doesn’t know who that guy is, but Nezumi seems to. Apparently, it’s the guy who named him. And Nezumi’s simply dodges the questions and hurls one back, about No. 6. Hidden chief in the shadows tells Nezumi to forget about the past, but Nezumi plays his broken record again about how he can’t be free so long as No. 6 exists. Only when No.6 is destroyed by him will he be free – and this is met with almost mocking laughter from the surroundings.

Chief tells him it’s impossible, but Nezumi shoots him down as it was his creation; he allowed it to become like the way it is now. Shion’s surprised at this revelation of the creation of No. 6 since it’s so vague about how the six cities came to be, so it’s a big deal for the former inhabitant of No. 6.

Signal is sent to let them relax and be at freed while the chief continues to talk to the duo. Nezumi brings up the photo he picked up from Rikiga after the first time they met and Shion blew up at Rikiga’s insults, remember that episode? And then he points out Shion as Karan’s son, and the chief guy as the man with a squarish face and glasses in the center of the photo.

Shion wonders why Karan’s in the same photo, but then the old guy motions his helpers to carry him out…and we see him seated on some sort of makeshift seat-throne-carrier idk what to call it. He beckons for Shion to come closer, as if noting his red snake marks on his face and white hair, to which Nezumi of course pokes fun of and how Shion can be quite dangerous. The old guy however says that since it’s Nezumi that brought him here, it should be alright since he is neither good nor evil.

Then he requests to see Shion’s marks on his body, as if knowing that Shion has marks all over him – Shion somewhat complies and takes off his shirt in albeit an amusing/stylish fashion, dumping it by the side. The old man seems to have merely confirmed his doubts – that it was due to a parasitic bee, to which Shion is surprised that he knows about it. Old man then asks Shion to tell him everything, before scene jumps back to No.6.

Back in the district/No. 6, Karan’s with Yoming, who tells her that rumours of a plague have been passing around, as more people suddenly start aging on the streets rapidly and dying of unknown causes. Coincidentally, any witnesses in the area are rounded up and are never seen again. Yoming then seems to be trying to get Karan’s sympathy/alliance when he tries to link Shion’s disappearance to the way No. 6 is taking things from the people.

We then jump over to Safu…who’s still stuck in stasis, in some liquid, not knowing where she is. Creepy laboratory music play a little as she glances upwards and some scientists talk about how she’s perfect and syncing well with something. They also mention about how many elites/people have already been sacrificed for this, and the higher-ups are getting impatient, but with Safu as the perfect sample… The water turns from blue to green and then yellow, before a mentally anxious Safu slips back into her unconscious state of mind, where she’s thinking of a moment with Shion.

She’s recalling about the sweater that Safu’s grandma gave to Shion 4 years ago. When asked about where it’s gone to though, Shion says that he can’t say anything and suddenly switches topics, just as Safu mentions Nezumi. Shion talks about hearing a voice, which is the same singing voice we’ve been hearing since episode 6 – the one singing in Nezumi’s and Safu’s minds. The voice grows louder and Safu snaps and screams for it to stop.

Back at the cave though, it seems that the voice really was singing then and just caused Nezumi severe pain as well – he’s down, clutching his head again, groaning for it to stop as Shion worries over him and asks for water. Thereafter a moment’s of rest, Nezumi says he heard the song, and the old man requests to hear it.

We finally hear Nezumi’s singing voice. Lyrics to the whole thing here, according to fansubs:

Soul carried away by the wind

heart stolen away by a human.

Oh Earth…

Oh stormy rains…

Oh heavens…oh light…

At this point, the lake starts to glow teal-blue. We have this really magical looking environment. People in the surrounding caves start to freak out.

Shelter all within your embrace.

Shelter all within your embrace.

To live in your embrace.

Oh soul…

Oh heart…

Oh love…oh hope…

Return here to find shelter.

At the end of the song, the water’s turned from blue to green and yellow – almost like the environment Safu was in minutes ago. Nezumi looks really magical surrounded by the yellow glow and water…

When finished though, Nezumi slackens and looks like he’s about to pass out, but Shion catches him. Old man comments on how someone is still around to sing the song, and that Nezumi returned to the ravine due to fate, this time with Shion. Shion starts to demand answers as he asks the old man for the truth, to save Safu, to help Nezumi since his second time fainting, how old man knows about the parasitic bees, the creation of No. 6, the song, Shion’s mother…so many things!

When questioned on how all the above are linked, Shion goes heck care, he merely wants to know the truth after never questioning anything. Although being told that he might regret about knowing the truth later on, Shion decides that he doesn’t care – he just wants answers.

Elyurias is the old man’s answer, the name of something, possibly the person/thing singing the song in Nezumi/Safu’s head before the scene jumps to the West District.

In the West District, Rikiga seems busy looking for something when Inukashi pops by asking for info on the correctional facility. Rikiga initially is against saying anything, but Inukashi drops some bait regarding Shion’s plans about going back to No. 6 to lure Rikiga into helping somewhat.

Back to the cavern, old man reveals how he was a core member of the reconstruction project to rebuild the six remaining inhabitable areas with anothers, which are likely to involve the other five people in the photo besides Karan and Rikiga, I suppose? They initially wanted to build utopias, free of conflict, of poverty. However these people eventually wanted control over as much as they could, not sparing anyone who dared to go against them, who even doubted them and their ideals. Yoming continues to explain here as we do a change in scenes between the cavern and Karan’s place.

However, Karan looks really down as we go back to the cavern – the old man continues to describe how the city changed into something of an ever-consuming monster, seeking to expand and grow out of the confines of its ‘prison’, which I suppose were the original city limits. Then, old man talks about how he discovered Elyurias – the ‘ruler’ who possess power beyond human capacity. How he was fascinated, captivated and obsessed with researching on ‘her’, researching on her and submitting a report on it to the authorities. This only resulted in him being targeted for elimination, and he fled to where he currently is now.

Elyurias came from the land where the forest folk lived. These folk respected, worshiped her – but after knowing the report and her powers, No. 6 invaded and stole here away for their own purposes, their greed. No. 6 burnt down the forest, burnt down the people, with Nezumi as the sole survivor of his folk.

Shion is shocked upon learning the truth, recalling Nezumi’s scars on his back. Nezumi however asks how Elyurias would be relevant to him when he has no idea, possibly no memory of her at all – but having heard her song means that she is calling to him to somewhere. Old man warns Nezumi however that if he continues to pursue his revenge of destroying No. 6, he too will become the same as those that he despises.

Old man then tells Shion to take a research thumbdrive-like device to decipher the information within about Elyurias, the forest folk and the parasitic bees – and as Shion wonders why, he notices that the old man has the same red marks as him! Old man as apparently the real first host and survivor. (Too bad Shion, no first dibs.)

We go back to Yoming and Karan as Karan struggles to accept the truth. Yoming then shows Karan a picture of his wife and son, whereby Yoming’s wife had suddenly disappeared one day and Yoming suddenly hugs Karan…

Karan turns away, rejecting his approach – only for Yoming to offer her to join their rebel group of anti-No. 6. He leaves her to think. (Smooth move there, Yoming. Real smooth.)

Returning back to Nezumi and Shion, Nezumi tells Shion that he didn’t want Shion to know the truth of his scars since it would be quite unsettling for the former inhabitant to know what dastardly acts were carried out for the development of No. 6. Nezumi holds a pretty much one-sided conversation as they head home to the hideout for a break…only to find Inukashi and Rikiga at home.

Rikiga initially finds out that Inukashi was lying about Shion going back alone, and Nezumi isn’t happy that Rikiga’s involved as well. But Inukashi says she needs him, and Nezumi can’t do much about that. Rikiga is at first against the whole idea, but Nezumi gradually tries to drag him down to the depths of hell they’re about to go through with their plan by taunting him. Inukashi is the one who finally hits the final nail in the coffin as she attacks his severe attachment to the past and Rikiga gives in and joins the party. With a simple word of thanks, Shion smiles, only to suddenly turn grim at the future.

Going back to Karan, a message from Shion arrives, bearing a grim undertone.

Mom, thank you. I’ll always love you.

And Karan…screams away in the bakery, somewhat knowing what he’s about to do next…


There is so much plot buildup in the past few episodes I’ve been wondering where all the action went to. Like no seriously the most exciting thing was the singing part probably and nobody was really moving.

The singing part was pretty, speaking in terms of art and blah. Hearing the song again was one thing but hearing Nezumi sing was like on a whole other level. Like we knew he could sing but to finally hear that HE CAN ACTUALLY SING is fabulous. Part of me would really like to go find some of Nezumi’s seiyuu’s background to track down any songs he might have done.

Overall art in this episode was a bit meh compared to the previous one since the previous one had like that ridiculously pretty dawn background while Shion and Nezumi talked things out. That was good composition. This episode, idk where it went to exactly. Not to say that it sucked but after setting such a high bar for some episode it gets really disappointing when some episodes in between aren’t as well done. But as usual backgrounds in most places ie the cavern/ravine, when duo were heading home after meeting the old man and the sunset was beautiful (what’s with all the sunsets/sunrises, seriously)

To add on a bit about plot…What is the old man’s name, I have no idea. Why they/BONES/Atsuko Asano couldn’t just give him a name, is beyond my understanding. It is really annoying to keep typing old man x idk how many times.

Sorry, but some part of me found the last part weird/surprisingly amusing. Like no seriously screaming in in such a pose just looked awkward like as if she wanted to visit the washroom. Not meant as an insult, just wondering what animators were doing. Um.

In any case, most of this episode…followed the novel somewhat, for those who try comparing, but cuts out quite a significant number of portions such as the old man being very fatherly to Nezumi (which Shion sensed) and more. It isn’t very awesome on building up the emotional scale due to this cutting to fit the anime time limit but there’s always a price to pay for making an anime from a novel.

I did however, really like the scene in which Nezumi was singing. The chance that the water turning blue to yellow when Nezumi sang and when Elyurias was singing to Safu/Nezumi being related is pretty high, but let’s see what the future episodes bring us. It’s nice to see such scenes brought to life since novels can only do so much. Really loved Nezumi’s seiyuu here.

Anyway! Another section of the ending song plays, if you notice how different it is from EP4’s extended ED. ED single is going to be released soon, by the way; 29th on the next month! Really can’t wait for that, though I heard an online version is up for purchase. Do support AIMER and NO.6 if you can by purchasing stuff! I’ve pre-ordered the DVD1 and OST, which are also coming out on the same day it seems.


PREVIEW: The Holy Day is coming, and it looks like hell has been brought to the West District. Many changes will happen – but the last thing that Nezumi wants to change is Shion…till next time! Yoming is starting to creep me out more and more, by the way.


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