No. 6 – EP2: here we have – oh golly dead people

Welcome to another episode of No. 6! Once again I shall try to ‘review’, perhaps, the latest episode of one of the new anime this season. There might be slight spoilers for EP1 so if you haven’t gone to watch it, please do!

Episode 2 begins on what seems to be a completely different time – it looks like we have hit the timeskip. Approximately 4 years after Shion met Rat (fine, since subs are going that way) in Episode 1, we now have episode 2. Great. But no worries, this timeskip is probably the only one we’ll see. (I think.)

Shion now works in a park, watching over robots that take care of said park’s maintenance. No doubt for those of us who just finished episode 1 – wasn’t he on the pathway to success via special track? What exactly happened in those 4 years? It looks like we’ll find out why he’s here and that, though it’s pretty obvious part of the reason was his interaction with Rat.

Pretty park! But you know there’s definitely more to the pretty, right?

We begin with first the discovery of a dead body in the park, found by the cute robots that maintain it. The body has strangely accelerated rigor mortis, with it looking like an old man…when it’s actually a 31 year old guy.

Oh noooo here we go now.

Thereafter we move onto Shion meeting Safu in Lost Town – where he currently stays. This begins part of the explanation why he’s doing what he’s doing now – the whole flashback of him being interrogated by the authorities for harbouring Rat, and thus being stripped of his status, place, and possible high-flying career from the relevant ministries.

Safu continues to prod him on the reasons why he never chose the special track course 4 years ago, and Shion simply tells her that things are complicated, and that he couldn’t. ‘Should’ and ‘could’ are clearly different reasons. But you can somewhat see that Shion has changed greatly, from being a naive, confident genius to a somewhat more lost and uncertain of his abilities, as compared to Safu.

Flashbacks of the past 4 years?

But then, towards the end of their…’date’, Safu requests of Shion a really strange parting gift before she leaves for studies abroad in No. 5 – Shion’s sperm. Or basically sex.

Shion naturally, having been completely oblivious to all of Safu’s advances – or rather chose not to – rejects her, saying that he’s never seen her as more than a friend. Which results in the promise that he’ll reconsider it two years later, when she comes back.

Safu: Winner of the Most Original Love Confession

But then, as he’s about to see Safu off, up pops up a rat and Shion hears Rat’s voice from it, in which he immediately chases it into the streets. He knows something is up once again…

And this is where the ladies shriek/scream/giggle/what-have-you.

The next day at work, even his colleague succumbs to the same infection (we’ll call it that for now) and ages rapidly, dying in front of Shion while preparing coffee. This results in a chain of events which Shion seems unable to stop. From there, he’s considered a criminal, framed for crimes he did not make, trapped by circumstances prepared by No. 6 since the day he ‘betrayed’ the city 4 years ago… How will Rat save him? How much more will he lose, now that things have gone this far…?

Shion gets caught in a chain of events that really makes you wonder how aware of things he is?


Once again a pretty decent episode with much more plot development. Although I feel that in a way, the transitions in the first half could have been better ie. sudden timeskip much, Shion completely acting normal during his date after seeing a dead body in the park like it’s normal etc. (Well, maybe it’s normal.)

The anime does skim some parts, though. According to the novel, which does go into slightly greater depth, it says that the man in charge of the interrogation gives the reasons for his fall from grace due to his ‘indecisiveness’, ‘incapability to inform the relevant authorities’, and ‘sympathizing with the enemy’.

Safu’s confession is probably one of the most original ways I’ve ever seen – a bit ridiculous, but somehow it fits her perfectly in some way as she seems like the type to be really clever in everything else but the way to love a person. And as if that wasn’t enough for humor, you have Rat coming to tease Shion for being such a sap.

Noting the relationships between Shion and who he knows right now ie his mum and Safu are now going to be a thing of the past – don’t know how is it going to affect each side, but I have some ideas seeing the novel thus far.

So what happens to them?

Nonetheless, the action scenes look once again really smooth – I was stopping throughout the scene where Rat’s taking out the security people to save Shion and the body movements seem to flow somewhat well. Animation once again is really good but maybe my eyes are also getting too old and not catching stuff.

Faster than the speed of – wait since when were rats that fast?

One thing that really stood out for me here though were the backgrounds. I feel that the scenery in this series thus far has been pretty appropriate and fitting and fabulous. The details, colours and all have been really impressive, so I can’t wait for more.

Oh-so-wonderfully detailed backgrounds?

I could blab on about how silly some dialogue was for this episode ie Safu’s confession and Rat saying he might have seen Shion naked and has possibly been watching him the whole 4 years or what, but we’ll leave that stone unturned for now. I believe it’ll be brought up again soon enough, or I’ll make a post disussing relationships. Um yeah. Because I could possibly go on forever…


For those who have been wondering why I update so late after the episode’s been shown, it’s because I have classes/homework and am in the midst of getting a job too. I’ve been considering getting the Chinese novels for No. 6 since 1. they have pretty art inside and 2. I can read them somewhat. If I can and do get them (if I can get a job first and earn some $$ first though) I will try to scan the pictures in. No promises on quality though.

Till the next episode then!


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