No. 6 – EP9: the world can go to hell

Two more episodes, and it’ll be the end of this anime series as we know it… Episode 9 does nothing but remind you that this series is strongly, so strongly, about a dystopian society, about how the filth of humanity easily stains what we try to keep pure, how it is not perfect while it attempts to conceal all and – sorry, I think I learnt from Nezumi how to rant a little.

Also, apologies for being really late, my 3D model assignment is giving me more hell. Not to mention I started school again. (Remind me why I picked Wild Tiger to do as an amateur. taibani breaks sanity much) Temporarily, until I can find enough free time in-between work/school/home, this post will be without screencaps, with the exception of some small pictures.

Episode 9 is however, possibly offensive to some, and brutal as well, so a warning: scenes of sexual assault and massacres aka lots of dead bodies, blood, etc. are viewable. So if you’re sensitive, you’re welcome to skip the review post for this episode. (I may post a more kid-friendly version once I’m able to juggle what’s left of my life after university starts.) Continue reading


No. 6 – EP7: true lies, empty truths

Episode 7 was some and more or less what the novel described it would be – though it did feel a bit jerky in my opinion, but let’s review it first before I get carried away ranting about taibani and put aside those fujoshi glasses if you will!

As of this episode I’ll be maintaining their Japanese names as translations got somewhat more…confusing if they got TL-ed to English especially for Nezumi, since it can mean both Rat and Mouse, but according to novels it’s likely to be Mouse but anywaaay to skip the tl;dr I’m keeping it to Nezumi, Dogkeeper = Inukashi, so on and forth.

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No. 6 – EP6: the beginning of the end

And finally I’ve about caught up, just in time before the next episode airs! It’s great, but I sort of feel sad since I haven’t been drawing fanart for this series although normally I would for something that has caught my eye for a while.

Anyway – this episode feels like a lead-up to the many climactic events to come. It wasn’t too thrilling, but we can’t ignore the fact that some major changes did occur! A really long post, now.

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No. 6 – EP5: distracting plays and words

Hello again! Rapid succession of posts, now. I’m trying to utilize what’s left of my free week so I’m trying to finish reviewing up to the latest episode (EP6). While I will try to condense things a little, chances are that it might get even longer instead because who can deny how pretty the dancing scene was in this episode?

Warning: after I finished the post I realized – there’s a bucketload of pictures here. Don’t kill your internets if it can’t handle it, I did warn you.

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No. 6 – EP3: epic henshin time ahead

A very late hello again, with the episode reviews of 3, 4 and 5 of No.6 going to be released almost in a torrent of entries. I apologise for the sudden disappearance to people who actually read my reviews – work and school got to me and still are eating at me but I got an off week this week so yeaaaaah making use of it to the MAX.

Once again if you have yet to watch EP1 and 2 this would contain spoilers. This post will be slightly different than the first two as I will be talking about the whole episode and not just the first half like I have for the first two, because…the middle point in the episode isn’t very nice to stop off at.

Also, I will do my best to not put in any novel episodes that I may have read, or any spoilers from EP4/5 into this post (yet) just for those who have yet to watch those two. In case.

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